Operating Amsterdam Airport Schiphol: Our main activity

The exploitation of Amsterdam Airport Schiphol is one of Royal Schiphol Group's main activities. Our national airport is an AirportCity where passengers, airlines and businesses can access all the services they need, 24 hours a day. Schiphol is also a European Mainport with an extensive network of destinations. Our ambition is to develop Schiphol into Europe’s Preferred Airport.

De exploitatie van Amsterdam Airport Schiphol is onze belangrijkste activiteit

A bird's-eye view of Amsterdam Airport Schiphol

In 2016, Schiphol had the third-highest number of passengers, the third-highest volume of cargo and the highest number of air transport movements in Europe. As many as 63.6 million passengers travelled to and from Schiphol. Nearly 1.7 million tonnes of cargo were transported via the airport and 478,864 air transport movements were carried out to 322 destinations. Amsterdam Airport Schiphol has five main runways.

Schiphol is one of the oldest international airports in the world. On 19 September 1916, the first aircraft, a military plane, landed in the polder of the drained Haarlemmermeer. Schiphol is also one of the lowest airports in the world, at an altitude of 4.5 metres below sea level. In 1920, our home carrier KLM conducted the first civil flights, at which point Schiphol began its transformation into a civil airport. Today, Amsterdam Airport Schiphol is regularly acclaimed as the best passenger and/or cargo airport in Europe.

An AirportCity that never sleeps

Amsterdam Airport Schiphol is an AirportCity and the trade card of Royal Schiphol Group. At Schiphol, we continue to gain a wealth of experience and expertise, which we then use to apply the AirportCity concept to our other airports. Schiphol truly merits its distinction as an AirportCity, as there is always something to do for passengers, visitors, employees and employers, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We want to stand out permanently through a broad scale of commercial activities, focused on all of these target groups. Key words in this regard are: reliable, efficient, hospitable, inspirational and sustainable. Safety and corporate social responsibility are also extremely important and are a common thread in all of our activities.

Schiphol’s ambition is to be Europe’s Preferred Airport

The Netherlands is not a huge market in terms of its immediate catchment area and number of potential passengers. This is why we will continue to develop Amsterdam Airport Schiphol into an airport which is more than simply a departure, transfer or arrival point for air travel. We aspire to be Europe's Preferred Airport: the best airport in Europe and the European airport of choice for passengers, airlines and logistics service providers alike.

Schiphol's goal is to stand out from the crowd with smooth processes and an appealing array of retail and catering outlets for departing, arriving and transfer passengers. We strive for positive passenger experiences to ensure people keep coming back to Schiphol.

European Mainport

Thanks to an extensive network of 322 destinations in 96 countries and a high frequency of air transport movements, Schiphol is considered to be one of Europe's hubs or ‘mainports’. At Mainport Schiphol, we serve 111 scheduled airlines. We are the home base of KLM and one of the two hubs of the SkyTeam Alliance of Air France-KLM.

Many parties are involved in Mainport Schiphol. Our airport provides infrastructure and facilities for departing, arriving and transferring passengers and cargo. The processes that this involves are carried out by a vast number of parties. In many cases, responsibilities are shared with business partners and sector partners.