Energy projects: Sustainable climate control

Thermal energy storage is a vital and sustainable solution for Schiphol. We have already installed more than ten of these installations at the airport. The result is a significant reduction in our CO2 emissions.

G pier duurzaam verwarmd en gekoeld

Thermal energy storage throughout Schiphol

Piers B, E, F and G all have a thermal energy storage system. These installations mean that Schiphol uses significantly less gas for heating and cooling the piers. The Hilton Hotel, Terminal 3 and various office buildings also have access to modern thermal energy storage, complete with heat pumps and dry coolers. The outdated storage system at Pier D is next up to be made sustainable.

What have we achieved?

The installation at Pier G is expected to save 168,000 m3 of natural gas each year, resulting in a CO2 reduction of 84%. Once Pier D has been given a sustainability upgrade, Schiphol will save 500,000 m3 of gas each year, three times as much as at Pier G.