Circular seating

You can find circular seats and benches at various locations at Schiphol. They don’t feel different, but they have been made differently – sustainably. The material they are made out of will be reused at the end of their lifespan. Outside, we have some benches made of grass and there are e-leather chairs inside.

E-leather chairs

Chairs fitted with e-leather can be found at the bus station on Pier E and in the M corridor. This material is made from leather industry waste that would otherwise be thrown away.
E-leather is produced using clean technology and is not treated with environmentally-unfriendly chemicals. Worn-out leather can be removed and recycled.

Outdoor furniture made of flax and elephant grass

There are flax and elephant grass benches in the area in front of the terminal. We grow elephant grass (miscanthus), industrial hemp and flax on our land, next to the runways. The miscanthus is used to make bio-concrete and the flax and hemp fibres to make bio-composite. These material are combined to make the benches. On the inside, bio-concrete allows the benches to withstand force 11 winds. On the outside, bio-composite gives the benches a more high-end look. At the end of their service cycle, the benches can be broken up and reused in bio-based insulation material.