Sustainable construction at Schiphol: Building for the future

Schiphol owns the terminal, office buildings and parking garages, which allows us to design new buildings and renovate existing ones with the following two sustainability goals in mind: zero waste and zero emission by 2030.

With these goals in mind, new buildings are designed to be gas free, and we incorporate as many circular principles as possible.

Pier A will be the most sustainable pier at Schiphol

Schiphol is building a new pier: Pier A. Not only will this be our newest pier, it will also be the most sustainable! We have done thorough research into where we can save energy, and where we can use recycled or sustainable materials. Pier A has eight gates and covers an area of 55,000 square metres.

P2: a recycled parking garage

Schiphol’s P2 parking garage had to be demolished to make way for our new terminal. The demolition was not as violent as usual; instead, the parking garage was systematically disassembled. Wherever possible, we will find new uses for the building material and the interior. Practically nothing will end up being thrown away.

Morgue – Schiphol’s first cradle-to-cradle building

The new morgue is the first cradle-to-cradle building at and belonging to Schiphol. When the structure’s lifespan has ended, all the recycled materials can easily be reused in a new project. Thanks to its solar panels and systems to treat rainwater and air, the building has also achieved a BREEAM rating of Excellent.