Insiders info: Departures 1 and Lounge 1

  • Refurbished departure hall, new equipment

    Together with his colleagues, Perry van Kan is responsible for the new IT and security equipment in the refurbished Departure Hall.

  • Departure Lounge 1: Everyone on cloud nine

    Project Manager Krijn Hombrink tells us more about the new design of Departure Lounge 1. A space with living trees, shops, workspaces and easy chairs; light effects that show you where to go.

  • A new walking route for 24,000 passengers

    For months, process developer Elise de Kok has been carefully planning the new walking route for Departure Hall 1 passengers to the Temporary Security Filter (TSF). She has cooperated with numerous specialists.

  • Renovation Lounge 1: a major logistical challenge

    The design process for the new Departure Lounge 1 is now in full swing. But there is so much more to a redevelopment project on this scale. Hilde Eijkelkamp of the Amsterdam Airport Schiphol Project Office (PLUS) has been immersed in the practical side of things for months.

  • Lounge 1: No longer just a ‘waiting area’

    Linda Rijlaarsdam from Consumers and Bianca Jansen from Operations are responsible for the design process of the new lounge being planned for Terminal 1. ' By designing it together, we should get the best results for passengers.’

  • Departure hall by day, construction site by night

    As soon as the last travellers have left Departure Hall 1 in the evening, Nico Bogaard and his colleagues starts their working day. They are building a mezzanine floor for the brand-new security filter.

  • Refurbished departure hall, new equipment

    Together with his colleagues, Perry van Kan is responsible for the new IT and security equipment in the refurbished Departure Hall.

  • Check-in and baggage drop in Departure Hall 1

    Programme manager Peter Flierman and process developer Janny Postma are taking a different approach to create more space for security and check-in.

  • Temporary security filter above Cockpitplein

    Project Manager Erica Esveld is leading the construction of a temporary security filter ... above Schiphol’s Cockpitplein.

  • Making people happy with the renovated Departures

    Everyone has their own wish list when it comes to the refurbishment of Departures and Lounge 1. Laura Mayoral, developer, is committed to keeping all the stakeholders happy.

  • Renovated terminal on the horizon

    Aircraft are getting larger and fuller, resulting in millions of additional travellers a year. This is one of the reasons for the renovation of Departures 1 & Lounge 1; contracting authority Dennis Stout is responsible for this task.

  • The how and what of BIM

    Project manager Anwar Hassan is responsible for the BIM process, which involves 3D mapping of every square centimetre in the Departures 1 & Lounge 1 project at Schiphol.

  • Goodbye Dakota’s, hello meeting rooms

    Project manager Danica Hooi and developer Edwin Westgeest tell about their involvement in the Departures 1 and Lounge 1 project.

  • Moving technical rooms

    Paul Smith and Diede van de Pol work on the construction and relocation of technical rooms in Departures 1 and Lounge 1.

  • Lifting in the dead of night

    Coen van der Zwaag and his colleagues arrange for cranes to hoist new steel structures onto the roof for the renovation of Departures 1 and Lounge 1.

  • A giant relocation puzzle

    ‘We have just been through an unsettled phase that involved a lot of demolition work,’ says project manager Michiel van Goor. ‘Now it’s time to build again.

  • Safety comes first as the terminal is remodelled

    Security expert Ramona Mochèl has been hard at work on the redesign of Departure Hall 1 and Departure Lounge 1 since December 2017.

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