Testimonial Stephan Stokkermans

“I think Privium is a perfect facility and service for people who travel a lot. The Lounge is centrally located and offers excellent services. With many loyalty programmes it's quite hard to use all the benefits, but with Privium I can.

With Privium everything always runs smoothly

It's certainly ideal if you fly with lots of different airlines. Some of them will offer certain things, and others won't. With Privium everything always runs smoothly, and that's just the Lounge. After all, it's also the extra facilities such as the parking and the iris scan which make travelling at Schiphol with Privium so enjoyable.

Stephan Stokkermans

“Parking, iris scan, the lounge: with Privium everything always runs smoothly and that makes travel very enjoyable”

Save time with Privium

If I'm in a hurry or will be away for a longer period, I use Valet Parking. Another advantage is the fact that you can work in the Lounge. Otherwise you might end up sitting among leisure travellers and families. It's nice and quiet In the Privium Lounge and there is a definite work ethic, so to speak.

For me, the time you save with Privium is really where the added value lies. And of course the speed gives you free time to decide what to do, and that's also a bit of a luxury these days.”


  • Jan Scheele

    Director of TEDx and curator at the World Economic Forum

  • Rutger Geerling

    Photographer at dance events all over the world

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