Testimonial Jan Scheele

“What I like most about Privium is the speed. Just look how quickly you can be in the Lounge after check-in, how you can get straight down to work there and how quickly you can go through the border passage with the iris scan and then head to your plane. But even if you don't go to the Lounge, you can pass through Schiphol really quickly with the iris scan.

When time is valuable

I once recorded how long it took me to check in a suitcase and then get to the plane. Compared with how long it takes friends who haven't joined Privium, there is a significant time difference. So if you're busy and you still have appointments, for example, it's great that things are just that bit faster.

For instance, I had to go to China in August and of course August is the busiest month of the year at Schiphol. It can make a huge difference if you can go straight through rather than queuing at the border passage.

I really like the Lounge too. You can get some work done there before you leave, or you can have a snack or a drink in peace. Of course you can do that elsewhere at Schiphol too, but if you compare the Lounge with the rest of the airport, it's really outstanding.

Jan Scheele

“From check-in to boarding, it's a real pleasure that things are just that bit faster”

Grab a cup of coffee

Privium is a low-threshold, economical way to improve the quality of your flight experience. It's wonderful not to have to cope with the hustle and bustle of Schiphol, but to have somewhere peaceful to sit instead. You can even grab a cup of coffee and a salad in the Lounge and use the Internet to check your email.

I really am very enthusiastic about the benefits of Privium. I'm talking about the high level of service, the quality of the services on offer and the communication. Because of my companies, I deal with a lot of partners and other parties and you can see that many other parties just don't offer these kinds of benefits. I really think that Privium is head and shoulders above the rest.”


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