Request a VAT tax refund at Schiphol

Claim your tax refund

If you meet certain criteria, you may be eligible for a VAT tax refund on purchases made in the Netherlands. Simply drop by one of our specialised tax refund partners at Schiphol to arrange a refund.

To qualify for a refund, you must:

  • Permanently live outside the European Union
  • Have made purchases that amount to a minimum of € 50 per shop per day
  • Take your things back home yourself, unused and within a 90 day period.

Tax refund partners at Schiphol

At Schiphol, you can request the VAT back through Global Blue and GWK Travelex.

If you'd like to know what shops are connected to which tax refund partner, please check the site of the specific partner. Simply look for one of the tax-free shopping logos – as shown below – at the entry to the shop, or ask at the shop’s cashier desk.

Global Blue Premier Tax Free Easy Tax Free Innova Tax Free

How to claim back your VAT

Please keep in mind that you have to visit two or more desks to claim your VAT. That’s why we recommend that you come to Schiphol earlier on the day you plan to fly.

1. Ask for a tax-free form at affiliated shops

Affiliated shops have tax-free forms behind the cash register. Simply ask for one when you pay. Fill in the form completely and attach the original receipt. Bring all documents with you to Schiphol. Please note that you may need to fill in multiple tax free forms because not all stores are affiliated with the same tax refund organisation.

Please note: For a VAT refund, you must show your purchases at customs, unused and in the unopened package. You can only open and use your purchases after you have passed through customs.

2. Pick up customs stamps at the airport

Go to the customs desk in Departure 3 with your tax-free form and attached original receipt. If approved, you will receive a stamp on the form. You will need these to request your VAT back through the tax refund partner.

If you a transit passenger or have purchases with you in your hand baggage, you can also handle your tax return at the Customs desk in Lounge 3.

Please note that you need your passport, boarding pass, tax-free form and purchases at customs. So please keep them handy.

3. Collect your money at the right tax refund desk

Please bring all the necessary documents and stamps to the tax refund partner's desk that is affiliated with the shop(s) where you made your purchases. Global Blue and GWK Travelex both have a desk near the customs desk in Departures 3 and in Lounge 3. The VAT refund can be deposited on your credit card or cashed out in a currency of your choice.

If you are in a hurry or already past security, you can post the completed and stamped tax-free forms in a special mailbox. You can find this mailbox near the customs desk in Departure Hall 3 and in Lounge 3. The amount will be automatically credited to your credit card within a few weeks.

Check the opening hours and locations of Global Blue or GWK Travelex at Schiphol.

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