Affiliate Parking: Terms of use

We will reward you every time you send people to Schiphol Parking’s website from your own. Once you enter into our affiliate programme, you’ll start to turn clicks into cash. Our parking capacity is virtually unlimited, which allows your business to potentially earn very high commissions.

Potential commissions and bonuses

Schiphol Parking Affiliates can earn commissions of up to 5.17%. This is a high percentage, considering the average parking price of around € 80. In addition, we optimise our landing pages continuously using A-B testing and conversion optimisation. As a result, the average Click to Sale Ratio (CSR) is a whopping 13.5%.

Segment Commissions Actual Sales Sales period
Normal 3.60% 0-9 30 days
Bronze 3.83% 10-24 30 days
Silver 4.05% 25-60 30 days
Gold 4.28% 61-99 30 days
Platinum 4.50% 100+ 30 days

Use TradeTracker

Schiphol Parking uses TradeTracker for its affiliate programme. With TradeTracker, you can run detailed analyses, create reports, and monitor your success. You can also use it to access official promotional materials, or to contact Schiphol Parking support. Please visit to sign-up.

De-duplication and commission payments

Schiphol Parking runs major campaigns on social media, PPC, Email and YouTube. Any duplicates on these channels will follow the ‘last-click principle’. This means that an affiliate is rewarded only if the customer makes a reservation when he or she last visited the affiliate's website.


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