When do I need to be where at Schiphol?

Are you able to find your way around a busy airport? Do you know when you should arrive at the departure hall, where your check-in desk is and which queue to join for the security check? You can conveniently take all this information with you on your own mobile when you fly. In the Schiphol app, you'll find your personal itinerary and the answers to your questions.

What time do I need to arrive at Schiphol?

You need the answer to the first question when you are still at home. Because before you head to Schiphol, it's handy to know what time you should be at the airport. The same applies to everyone flying from Schiphol: you are welcome in the departure hall up to four hours before your flight. Look your flight up in the Schiphol app and see what time your check-in desk opens. If you arrive too early, the check-in desk may still be closed and you'll be waiting unnecessarily.

Which check-in desk do I need to go to?

The check-in desks in the departure halls at Schiphol are divided into 33 rows. Check-in desks 1-8 are in Departures 1, desks 9-16 are in Departures 2 and desks 17-32 are in Departures 3. Check-in desk 1A is in Departures 1A. You can find the number of your check-in desk and the relevant departure hall in the Schiphol app. What's more, the app will show you when the check-in desk for your flight opens.

Can I check in my baggage myself at the baggage drop-off?

Yes, if you are flying with Aero Mexico, American Airlines, Austrian, Cathay Pacific, Corendon, Finnair, IcelandAir, KLM, LOT, Lufthansa, SAS, Swiss, TAP, Transavia or TUI. The self-service baggage drop-off can be found in the following departure halls:

  • Departures 1: Austrian, Finnair, IcelandAir, KLM, LOT, Lufthansa, SAS, Swiss, TAP & Transavia
  • Departures 2: KLM
  • Departures 3: Aero Mexico, American Airlines, Cathay Pacific, Corendon & TUI

The Schiphol app shows where you can find the baggage drop-off desks.

I'm checked in. Where do I go?

If you have checked in and dropped off any hold baggage you may be travelling with, you can go to the security check with your boarding pass. In order to join the right queue for security, follow the yellow signs with the number of your gate on it. You can find your gate number in the yellow square in the Schiphol app. If your gate changes, you'll receive a notification and the gate number will be displayed in a red square.

How long will I have to wait at security?

At busy times, the waiting times for the security check can be considerable. Exactly how long you have to wait depends on the time you entered the queue and where you are standing in line. On the day of departure, you can find the predicted waiting time for your flight in the Schiphol app. This is an estimated time – actual waiting times may differ.

Where is my gate?

After the necessary checks, you can make your way to the gate your flight is departing from. You can find your gate and the amount of time it takes to walk there in the Schiphol app. The walking time to the gate is shown in your personal itinerary and the exact location of the gate can be found on the map. The app also shows what time boarding begins. We wish you a pleasant flight!

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