Prepare for your holiday

Flying from Schiphol soon? It's busy in the departure halls, you may need to queue longer. Fill in your flight details for your personal itinerary, and check out our tips below for a smooth start to your journey.

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Your holiday travel tips

1. Come to Schiphol on time

Check with your airline for the latest advice at what time you should arrive at Schiphol and avoid closed check-in desks.

2. Read about the Covid measures

As of 21 May 2022 a face mask is no longer mandatory at Schiphol. But you may need one at your destination. Check which Covid measures apply to your destination.

3. Check in online

Save time by checking in online from the comfort of your home. Check your corresponding airline for the details and avoid closed check-in desks. Are you travelling with hand baggage only? Then you can go straight to security (upstairs).

4. Keep everything in your hand baggage

Thanks to the newest CT scans at Schiphol, you can leave your liquids and electronics in your hand baggage at the security check.

5. Download the Schiphol app

Check your gate number, check-in desk and flight details, receive real-time updates on your travel itinerary and more with the Schiphol app. Stay connected and download our app for free.

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