Tips for the start of your journey

Flying from Schiphol? Prepare for your journey. Fill in your flight below to see your personal itinerary and read our tips regarding the start of your journey. All the information you need, including your gate, check-in desk and expected waiting times, can be found in the Schiphol app. Download the app for free using App Store or Google Play.

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Your holiday travel tips

1. Arrive at Schiphol on time

Look up your flight here or in the Schiphol app to check what time your check-in desk opens. Make sure you are in the right departure hall at Schiphol around this time. Also make sure you know which departure hall you need to be in and where your check-in desk is located. Allow some extra time if you need to park.

2. Check in for your flight online

Many airlines allow you to check in online. That saves time at the check-in desks. You'll only need to drop off your baggage there, or you can make use of the self-service baggage drop-off. You can find the number of your check-in desk and baggage drop-off in the Schiphol app. If you're travelling with hand baggage only, you can go straight to the security check.

3. Know your gate

Once you've checked in and dropped off your hold baggage, you can continue to the security check. Follow the yellow signs to your gate. If you want to find out your gate number or what the expected waiting time is at security, check the Schiphol app.

4. Leave everything in your bag

Thanks to the new CT scans that we use throughout Schiphol, your liquids and electronics can stay in your hand baggage during the security check. You can read all about how to prepare for security in this blog. Travel with one piece of lightly packed hand baggage and try to leave your trolley suitcase at home.

5. On your way to the plane

After the necessary checks, you're on your way to the plane. Just follow the yellow signs to your gate. If you're not sure how to get to your gate, take a look at the map in the Schiphol app. Your personal itinerary will show you how far you need to walk and what time boarding starts. Have a pleasant flight!