Plane spotting in the Panorama Restaurant

How does a nice lunch among the Boeings and Airbuses sound? Or a workspace with the best view of Schiphol? It's now possible at the Panorama Restaurant next to the Panorama Terrace. The restaurant is opened daily. That means plane spotting with a cup of hot chocolate!

Amazing view

The Panorama Terrace offers amazing views of the piers, aircraft and runways at Schiphol. It can be rather cold out there in the winter months, but now you can warm up in the Panorama Restaurant. It's above departure hall 1 on the third floor. To get there, go to check-in desk row 1 in Departures 1 and take the stairs, escalator or lift to the second floor. You can then access the Panorama Terrace and the restaurant via the footbridge.

Panorama restaurant
Work at Panorama Spaces

Adjusted opening hours

Want to come and have a look? The Panorama Restaurant and the Panorama Terrace are open every day.

Be sure to check the weather forecast before you leave – the Panorama Terrace is closed when weather conditions are bad, such as when it's foggy, icy or stormy.

Your workspace at Schiphol

If you're looking for a unique place to get some work done at the airport, try the newly-opened Spaces Lounge next to the Panorama Restaurant. Here, you'll find six fully-equipped rooms with workstations for more than one hundred professionals. A great option for when you're travelling through the airport or if you'd like to get some inspiration at Schiphol. You're more than welcome!

Read more about the Panorama Restaurant and Spaces Lounge.

Somebody enjoying a beverage at the Panorama restaurant

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