Renovation of Departures 1: Panorama Terrace to temporarily close

The Panorama Terrace is a popular spot to watch planes with a hot coffee or snack. Sadly, the terrace will be closed due to the works taking place at Departures 1 but will reopen at the end of 2019.

The Panorama Terrace is closed right now for renovations and will reopen at the end of 2019.
Panorama terrace Fokker Experience Schiphol

Renovation, redevelopment and expansion works in Departures 1

We will be building a complete mezzanine in Departures 1 in order to help manage the increased number of travellers making use of Schiphol. The renovation and renewal activities include new escalators, elevators and other facilities. It’s a huge job, so we need to cordon off a part of the airport for construction. Although the Panorama Terrace will not actually be renovated, it will need to close temporarily to accommodate the works going on around it.

Improvements on multiple levels

The Departures 1 mezzanine is needed to create more room for security, check-in and waiting areas. We will also take the opportunity to expand facilities in the shopping area behind the security area. That includes new walking routes, restaurants and shops, which will allow travellers to move through Schiphol in more comfort.

From closure to reopening

The Panorama Terrace is the only place in the terminal before security where you can get a great view of Schiphol’s piers and runways. Once you check in, you can enjoy watching the air traffic at the piers and gates or visit the plane-spotting areas situated around the terminals.