Fun for kids at Schiphol

Are you travelling with kids this May holiday and are you looking for ways to keep them entertained while you wait for your flight? We have good news! There are lots of things for children to do at Schiphol. You can also enjoy a fun day out at the airport even if you won't be flying anywhere - there's plenty to experience before security too.

Run around


Perhaps you've heard of the NEMO Science Museum in Amsterdam. But did you know that NEMO has a little sister at Schiphol? Here, kids can do small experiments and learn more about science and technology in a playful way. You can find NEMO on Holland Boulevard, between lounges 2 and 3. It's open 24 hours a day.

Play areas

You might want to let your kids blow off some steam before they spend hours on the plane sitting still. All lounges after security have play areas where children can climb and clamber to their heart's content and release some energy before their flight.


Airport Library

Airport Library

Want to let off some steam? In the Airport Library you can chill out with a good book on one of the comfy sofas. There are also iPads and touch screens that will tell you stories through images, and there's a piano you can play a tune on. The Airport Library, open 24/7, is on Holland Boulevard, between lounges 2 and 3.

Baby Care Lounge

Travelling with a baby? In the Baby Care Lounge you can feed and bathe your baby in peace and quiet, change their nappy or even put them down for a nap. The Baby Care Lounge is open every day between 06:00 and 22:00. It's located on Holland Boulevard, between lounges 2 and 3.

Planes, planes and... more planes

Plane spotting

The best thing about airports is of course the aircraft. You can come and admire them even if you're not actually travelling from Schiphol. Before security in Departures 1, you'll find the Panorama Terrace where you have an amazing view of the platform. You can even sit inside an old Fokker 100 and feel like a real pilot for a while. The Panorama Terrace is open every day from 07:00 to 21:00 and it's free-of-charge. And at the gates (after security) you have front row seats for some plane spotting.


You can find even more aircraft at Planes@Plaza. You can't miss this special shop - it's built inside a real fuselage! Complete with landing gear, engine and cockpit you can go inside, it's the perfect spot for an original selfie. The shop sells everything that will delight little (or large) aviation fans, from model airplanes and pilot uniforms to toys, games and gadgets. You can find Planes@Plaza at the heart of Schiphol Plaza next to the Albert Heijn supermarket. It's open every day from 08:00 to 16:00.

Exploring and playing

Discovery trail

There are plenty of interesting places to discover all over Schiphol Plaza. You'll learn loads about the airport by doing the Schiphol Discovery Trail! Download the questions and start searching for the answers in the airport (before security). Here's a clue for question 8: the location of this question can be found in this blog.


This cute bunny has been many a child's best friend for more than 65 years. You can find Miffy and friends at Schiphol too. Miffy books, travel games, cuddly toys and more are stocked in the shops Let's Play (in Lounge 2 and on Holland Boulevard) and Toys (in Lounge 1). Our favourite item is of course the book miffy goes flying.

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