Deep Turnaround: Implementing Deep Turnaround

Deep Turnaround is a powerful tool which can significantly help airports, airlines and ground handlers do things smarter. But whether you want to use Deep Turnaround to reduce complexity and ambiguity in the airport ecosystem, increase on-time performance, or to simply generate automatic timestamps, it all comes down to ensuring Deep Turnaround is implemented well.

Implementations done right

Once you’ve made the decision to implement Deep Turnaround at your airport there are a few things to get done. Based on our own experience as an airport, here’s how we make sure Deep Turnaround delivers the value you expect it to at your airport.

Step 1: Preparation

First, we determine which package (product, support module, add-ons) is most suitable for your airport. In addition, we will jointly develop a camera plan for your airport, allowing a clear view of the aprons in scope, and we validate the technical requirements.

Step 2: Deployment

During deployment, cameras will be mounted on site (with your local contractor), The full system architecture is deployed including any physical or virtual infrastructure and integrations with input data is established. The AI model will be calibrated and tested.

Step 3: Validation and go-live

The system is made live in a production state and all stakeholders are offered role-specific demonstrations and training. To make the deployment of Deep Turnaround a success, user onboarding is key and is always included.

Step 4: Support

During the first months we monitor performance closely and improve the predictive model based on the first data collected at your airport. In addition, we ensure users and stakeholders get confident in using the solution and improving the processes.

What Deep Turnaround success looks like

  • Deep Turnaround provider

    Deep Turnaround is developed and owned by Royal Schiphol Group and it’s live at multiple airports. The product team provides technical support, ensures uptime and continually adds features and functionalities.

  • Platform partner

    Schiphol partners with Microsoft as technical Platform partner to ensure a stable and secure connection for Deep Turnaround. Additional support is provided by Microsoft on technical and security assessments.

Frequently asked questions

Who are the typical users of the Deep Turnaround solution?

At Schiphol, the main users of the Deep Turnaround solution are Airport Gate Planners, Air Traffic Control, Ground Handlers, Flight Officers, Apron Controllers and Operational Excellence Managers. In the future, we expect to include features which can benefit safety and sustainability officers/managers as well.

How many turnaround events are included in your model?

There are 70 turnaround events included in our model, giving insight in over 30 turnaround processes. If you choose to implement Deep Turnaround at your airport, all turnaround events which we have access to at Schiphol are included automatically.

Is Deep Turnaround suitable for my airport?

Deep Turnaround is suitable for most airports, small and large, and irrespective of apron design. Whether you plan to integrate Deep Turnaround in your own dashboarding using the data stream, or whether you plan to use the Turnaround Insights Dashboard. Deep Turnaround is especially suitable for capacity constrained airports.

Can Deep Turnaround work with our own cameras?

Yes, under some conditions it is possible to use existing cameras. Cameras have to be IP cameras, as the Deep Turnaround solution needs to be able to connect to them through an HTTP(S) protocol. Furthermore, there are some requirements for how the cameras should be positioned on the apron (approx. 20 meters high), as well as for image resolution with a minimum of 1280 x 720 pixels.

How does your product compare to other products on the market?

We work with one end-to-end model of all turnaround events, instead of different models for each turnaround. This makes the model easier to maintain and more cost efficient. Also, our model works on the principle of sharing data, if you select the Deep Turnaround solution you opt-in that your data will be used to train the model. Similarly, you can benefit from the model that was trained at Schiphol Airport. In addition, our solution is created at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol in collaboration with users, this allows us to make all Schiphol functionalities, now and in the future, available for other airports as well.

How long does it take to implement the Deep Turnaround solution?

As our Deep Turnaround solution uses a single model approach, wherein one AI model learns more every time it processes an image, we do not need to start from scratch at your airport. The algorithm instead can build on what it already knows. From the moment the cameras are installed on the ramps, implementation is expected to take around six weeks. That includes setting up and configuring the Deep Turnaround system, integrating different data sources into the Deep Turnaround algorithm, performing security assessments, and training users.

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