Position Assignment System: Guiding more passengers through security

A sensor-enabled wayfinding system for airports to guide passengers towards the quickest route through security. The Position Assignment System works non-stop and it understands where to send passengers to maximise throughput.

Operating day and night

Support your security staff to overcome (un)expected peaks. Allocate staff to the most critical processes in the security lane.

Improving security lane throughput

Guide passengers to the quickest available lane and divest position, so that all security lanes can operate at their full capacity.

Easy to setup, maintain, and operate

Adjustable to integrate with any airport security lane setup. The system is made to last and can be operated by any security officer.

If only you could increase the throughput of a security lane

A high throughput of security lanes is crucial to process all passengers. But, often this throughput isn’t as high as airports want it to be. Passengers can be slow, not sure where to go or what to do, increasing the waiting times and lowering the throughput.

This leads to the need for more security lanes to be opened, resulting in a larger number of security staff required. Adding to the difficulty is the uncertainty about how many lanes are required to be open, resulting in the fact that rostering security staff becomes a headache.

Security coaches can help passengers find their way through security, but it’s labor intensive and the quality of service varies. It’s also costly and cumbersome.

Integrate the Position Assignment System into your security lane

When you are in the process of replacing security lanes, or optimising existing lanes, adding the Position Assignment System will help you to increase throughput. It can be integrated into the lanes and it uses a modular set-up so that it will fit your exact security layout.

Gain insights

The user interface provides key insights into the security lane throughput.

Effective use of security staff

Deploy your staff optimally, knowing that the divest positions are taken care of.

Proven technology

Benefit from a solution that’s been tried and tested at one of Europe’s busiest airports.

The Position Assignment System is developed through collaboration:

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