Deep Turnaround: Schedule a demo

Deep Turnaround is often considered a foundational technology for airports. Fill out the form and we’ll schedule a live Deep Turnaround demonstration to show you why.

What’s in the Deep Turnaround demo?

We’ll tailor the demonstration to your specific needs but here are some things that we’ll cover:

  • An overview of all use cases
  • How the Deep Turnaround technology works
  • The Deep Turnaround dashboard (live)
  • What you can do with Deep Turnaround
  • How to make this work at your airport, airline or operation centre

Who’s the Deep Turnaround demo for?

The demonstration can be tailored to anyone who has a role in the turnaround process.

  • Gate planner at the airport
  • Ground handler coordinator
  • Airline turnaround manager
  • Operations director

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Some examples from the demo

Using the filters in the Deep Turnaround dashboard we’ll show the flights that are critical. The dashboard shows the Predicted End of Ground Handling Time (PEGT), it shows the current status of the turnaround process and it shows when delays are expected considering the Target Off-Block Time (TOBT). We’ll also zoom into any flight to see the actual turnaround status, time stamps, handler and original planning.

You can find all flight information in the dashboard: registration number, aircraft type, ground handler, airline, relevant time stamps, etc. You can also view the Predicted End of Ground Handling Time (PEGT) per flight, including a confidence interval.

Deep Turnaround will show the actual situation at each aircraft stand. This can be used during day-to-day operations, to help ground handlers allocate people and equipment and set accurate and realistic Targeted Off-Block times (TOBT). Gate planners benefit, knowing exactly when gates are available for incoming flights so they can reduce potential conflicts.

Wouter van der Voort, Lead Coördination Schiphol, Viggo (Ground Handling)

Finally, we have an accurate overview of the turnaround process. This allows us to optimise day-planning, and it makes it a lot easier to remotely change or set an accurate TOBT (Target Off-Block Time). In turn, this improves the information provision towards the airport and Air Traffic Control.

Frédérique Portheine – Manager Operational Excellence – Eindhoven Airport

The turnaround process used to be a black box. With Deep Turnaround, we generate the necessary data and insights. By looking at the same transparent, real-time and historical data with all our partners, we can collaborate to focus even more closely on efficient planning and execution with a better OTP as a result. And ultimately, a higher customer satisfaction.