Pangiam Project DARTMOUTH: Collaborating to use AI in security screening

Project DARTMOUTH is a persistent Computer Vision intelligence system designed to deliver enhanced security, operational efficiencies and a consistent passenger experience at security checkpoints.

At its heart it is a technology platform that can host a community of Automated Prohibited Item and other Detection algorithms, apply state of the art pattern analysis decision support tools and free up security officers to focus on those items that pose the greatest risk.

Pangiam, the technology provider who started the project, is developing this new way to screen hand baggage using artificial intelligence. The partnership between Pangiam and Schiphol is part of a broader initiative, driven by Schiphol Group Aviation Solutions, which aims to expedite the innovation and development of in-house and partner technology solutions.

The goal

Delivering automated security screening through AI Technology

Project DARTMOUTH presents an opportunity to transform airport security screening, helping airports rebalance the business case for deploying vitally important Computed Tomography (CT) and other security equipment by disrupting traditional thinking, enhancing existing capability and automating checkpoint screening.

Pangiam & Google

Pangiam is a security technology firm developing Open Architecture software products which are device and vendor agnostic. This means the technology can be incorporated into existing security hardware and equipment, such as CT cabin baggage scanners. It also means it can be used in combination with and host other software, helping to create an eco-system of software technologies. Project DARTMOUTH as it is called uses AI and pattern analysis to identify potential prohibited items in carry-on, checked baggage, airline cargo and shipments. Project DARTMOUTH is powered by Google’s suite of computing services, artificial intelligence, machine learning and computer vision that runs on the same infrastructure that enables Google Search, Maps, Gmail, and YouTube.

The vision

Open Architecture technology

The solution runs on open platforms and open software. This allows integration and interoperability with any security technology of any manufacturer. Capabilities can scale to include analysis of and integration of data from security screening technologies across the checkpoint and further field. Open source provides the flexibility to deploy and, if necessary, migrate critical workloads across or off public cloud platforms.

High accuracy artificial intelligence at the edge

With the exponential growth of connected devices at airports, combined with a demand for privacy/confidentiality, low latency and bandwidth constraints, AI models trained in the cloud need to be run at the edge to provide next generational capabilities. Project DARTMOUTH delivers high performance in a small physical and power footprint, enabling the deployment of high-accuracy AI at the edge. Software and Machine Learning models are deployed on disconnected edge devices.

Identifying threats not previously detectable to individual security officers

Project DARTMOUTH transforms end users’ ability to use image data in other ways, allowing powerful data mining and aggregation of data to identify threats not previously detectable to individual security officers.

Schiphol Group’s role

Schiphol is the first major European airport to support Project DARTMOUTH, a collaboration between Pangiam and Google. Schiphol is playing a key role in supporting the development of the technology, testing the new technology in practice and on a small scale in order for the system to be developed further. The technology can be applied to existing hardware and equipment, such as Schiphol’s CT scanners. It can also be used in combination with other software. If the technology meets all requirements and European regulations, and the trial period is successful, it will be implemented at scale.

The collaboration between Pangiam and Schiphol is part of a wider programme, to accelerate the innovation and development of promising in-house and partner technology solutions.

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