Passenger Experience Platform: The Self-Service Unit

The Self-Service Unit has been developed and tested at Schiphol airport since 2018. It’s in use at multiple airports, worldwide. The platform itself is accessible to passengers throughout the terminal one a mobile phone but a physical touchpoint has its benefits. An airport kiosk invites passengers to use the wealth of information of the platform and is a big value ad for a number of reasons.

Easily accessible

Passengers are more likely to look for information that improves their journey if it is easily accessible.


Some passengers, especially when transiting, might not be connected to any data network. A physical kiosk lowers the barrier for seeking assistance.

For all nationalities

Passengers not speaking any of the common languages of the airport are drawn to a device that lets them select their language.

Especially at hubs and regional airports that see passengers with a wide range of nationalities and language skills a physical touchpoint elevates the passenger experience.

The primary features of the Self Service Unit

Eye catching design

The eye catching and approachable design differentiates the unit from check-in kiosks or other, more utilitarian devices. Providing an interesting and approachable exterior as well as being usable whether standing or sitting invites all kinds of passengers to make use of the services the platform offers.

Robust and easy to maintain

The Self-Service Unit has been designed with the airport environment in mind. Mounted to the floor and protected by a stainless steel bar the unit is protected from suitcases, golf carts and other terminal equipment.

The modular design makes it easy to troubleshoot and replace components when necessary.

Future-proof components

The Self Service Unit contains:

  • A 32 inch vertical touchscreen with Full HD resolution
  • A high resolution camera for clear video calls
  • A barcode scanner to scan boarding passes
  • Directional speakers and microphone for crystal clear agent assistance

Here’s what travellers can do at a Self-Service Unit

  • Check flight information by scanning their boarding pass
  • Find their gate or airport lounge using the floor plan
  • Find restaurants, shops and facilities using floor plans and FAQs
  • Chat or start a video call with an airport employee
  • Have an airport employee call for a mobile personal assistant
  • Find contact details for the airport to get in touch by telephone or in Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp, and easily save the information to their phones by scanning a QR code
  • Move to a mobile phone to continue using the platform (e.g map, POI, video call) while on the go