Our team: Collaborating in the aviation industry

What would happen if we let other airports use our technology, or collaborate to develop new technologies, or work closely with partners in the industry? Would that speed up the innovation in the sector, would other airports find that beneficial? It’s those questions that led to the creation of the Schiphol Group Aviation Solutions team.

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  • Mieke Struik

    Head of Schiphol Group Aviation Solutions

    Mieke Struik
  • Andrew Land

    Business Development Lead

    Andrew Land
  • Marcel Stroop

    Business Development Lead

    Marcel Stroop
  • Nol Gülcher

    Strategy & Business Development

    Nol Gülcher
  • Caroline Massart

    Strategy & Business Development

    Caroline Massart
  • Corjan Bast

    Marketing Lead

    Corjan Bast
  • Cas Koopman


    Cas Koopman
  • Per Tol

    Marketing intern

    Per Tol

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