LALA Tequila blanco 70cl
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LALA Tequila blanco 70cl

LALA Tequila, female owned and Amsterdam's first and only tequila brand.

Price: €43.50

LALA Tequila is Amsterdam's first and only tequila brand. Our 100% agave blanco tequila is crafted in small batches by an award-winning distillery in the heart of the tradition, Jalisco, Mexico. LALA Tequila is assured to deliver bottles which not only look good, but also hold impressive contents. The ground of the Jalisco highlands contains lots of minerals, which makes this tequila softer and sweeter than regular tequila's. It results in citrus tones at first taste and a finish which reminds you of white pepper, yasmin and freshly mowed grass. We absolutely love tequila and demand quality in all that we do, we honour the roots (plant and people), and deliver it all to you with a bold, classy style.

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