Collecting your baggage

You've just landed and now you're waiting next to the baggage carousel for your suitcase to arrive. On busy days, it may take longer for your baggage to be unloaded from the plane. This is because of a shortage of baggage handling staff. We do our best to get your bags and suitcases on the carousel as quickly as possible. You can find more information about your baggage on this page.

Which baggage carousel will my suitcase be on?

You can look this up yourself on the screens in the reclaim hall. You can also enter the flight you arrived on in our app or on the arrivals page, where you'll see the arrival hall and baggage carousel number.

When will I get my suitcase?

When it's busy, unloading the baggage and putting it on the carousel takes longer than usual. You may therefore have to wait longer than you are used to.

Which carousel does odd-size baggage arrive on?

Odd-size baggage like skis, golf bags and musical instruments that are larger or heavier than average arrive on different baggage carousels. You'll find these odd-size carousels in reclaim hall 3 or 4 opposite carousel 16 or 20, and in reclaim hall 1 next to carousel 7. If you have been waiting for more than two hours for your odd-size baggage to arrive, you can report to your baggage handler's information desk. Find out more below.

My suitcase isn't on the carousel. Now what?

If you have been waiting for more than 2 hours and your suitcase still hasn't arrived, you can report to your baggage handler's desk. Take a look at the relevant airline information page to find out which baggage handler you need to go to. Then, follow the signs to the reclaim hall where your baggage handler is located:

  • Reclaim Hall 1 (carousels 2 - 7): Swissport, Viggo and AviaPartner
  • Reclaim Hall 2 (carousels 8 - 13): KLM
  • Reclaim Halls 3 and 4 (carousels 15 - 22): KLM, Menzies, dnata and all other desks

If nobody is available at the information desk, try contacting your baggage handler by telephone:

  • Swissport 020 795 2700
  • Viggo 020 211 7531
  • AviaPartner 020 406 7230
  • Menzies 06 8369 3759
  • dnata 020 603 2434

Will my baggage be sent to me?

Airlines sometimes decide to send your baggage to your home or place of residence. That means you no longer need to wait for your suitcase. If this is the case, make sure to keep your baggage or claim tag safe and provide your airline with your address. You can often do this online.

My baggage has been lost, what should I do?

Let your airline know. That can sometimes be done online. Make sure to keep your baggage or claim tag safe as it will be needed to locate your baggage. Once your suitcase has been found, your airline will get in touch regarding where the baggage can be delivered.

Can I look for my suitcase myself?

Even if you are allowed to pick up your suitcase yourself, your airline or baggage handler will contact you first. Because it's busy at the airport, we urge you not to come and look for your suitcase of your own accord. Even if another traveller says they have found your suitcase.