Height restrictions for all vehicles: High vehicles must be parked at P3

All Schiphol car parks and short-term parking spots can only accommodate vehicles of up to two metres high. The only exception is P3 Long-term Parking. From there, it is a quick, free bus ride to and from the terminal.

Travelling alone

Planning a holiday? Just pull in to P3 Long-term Parking. You can either drive-in freely to pay the standard rate, or book in advance for great savings.

Pick-ups and drop-offs

Park at P3 Long-term Parking for the cost of short-term parking, which is € 1 every 11 minutes (instead of € 55 for 1-3 days). Simply drive to P3's entry barrier, press the button on the ticket machine, and tell the attendant you’re at Schiphol for a pick-up or drop-off.

How to get there

Follow the signs P3 Long-term Parking. Or enter Holiday Avenue, Schiphol, Haarlemmermeer into your GPS.