Tax refund via app

If you have visited the Netherlands and done a lot of shopping, you may be eligible for a tax (VAT) refund. We are currently testing a new app to make that even easier. You may be invited to take part in the pilot when making a purchase in a participating shop.

If you decide to take part, the retailer will scan your passport so that the invoices are available digitally. You can start using the app after that. Below, you’ll find information about how to use the app. Transfer passengers cannot take part in this pilot. They, along with other non-participating passengers, can use the paper form.

Who is eligible for a tax refund?

You can request a tax refund if you meet the following criteria:

  • You permanently live outside the European Union.
  • Your purchases have a minimum value of € 50 per shop on the same day.
    • You transport your unused purchases out of the European Union before the end of the third month after the month of purchase.

How can I request a tax refund?

Participants in the pilot should first download the NL Customs VAT app, install it and follow the steps in the application. It will then retrieve the available digital invoices. Make sure you go through the steps and indicate which invoices you want approved before you come to Schiphol.

Please note: in order to claim a tax refund, you must show your unused goods at customs. Only after that can you open the packaging and use your purchases.

At the airport

Arrive at the airport on time on the day of your flight and make sure you have enough time to visit two or more tax refund desks to make your claim(s). You can find these desks in Departure Hall 3. The map below shows their exact location.

Step 1: get customs stamps
Go to the customs desks in Departure Hall 3. Remember to bring your passport, flight details and the backup documents you received in the shop. In the area marked off with special sensor posts opposite the customs desks, open the app and follow the necessary steps for approval. Your invoices will be automatically submitted to Customs for approval.

Customs will evaluate whether you are eligible for a VAT refund based on the entered data. If you are eligible, you’ll receive a notification in the app. It’s possible that you may need to go to the desk for a check, in which case you’ll also get a notification. A special customs desk has been set up for this digital approval process and for travellers with questions about this process.

Step 2: collect your money
Would you like your VAT refunded right away? After getting validation in the app, go to the tax refund partner's desk that is affiliated with the shop(s) where you made your purchases. Customs will inform the tax refund partner(s) that you are eligible for a VAT refund for the purchases that appear in the app. All you need to do is go to the desk with your passport. At Schiphol, this will either be the Global Blue desk or the Travelex desk. Travelex handles tax refunds for Planet (the agent for Premier Tax Free and Easy Tax Free) and Innova.

OR step 3: receive a credit card refund
You can choose to have a credit card refund, which is perhaps handy if you are in a hurry. Would you like to make use of this option? Make sure that the tax refund partner has your credit card details. You can do this via the tax refund partner’s app or by contacting them.

If your details are known and you do not report to the tax refund partner(s) as described in step 2, you will automatically receive your VAT refund, based on the requests approved in the app, on your credit card within a few weeks.

I am using paper forms as well as the app. What do I do?

Are you taking part in the app pilot while also using paper forms? Find all the information you need here.

Which tax refund partner applies to me?

If you would like to know which shops are connected to which tax refund partner, please check the relevant partner’s website, look for one of the tax-free shopping logos below at the shop entrances or ask a member of staff at the checkout. Logo Tax Free Global Blue

Logo Tax Free Planet

Logo Tax Free Innova


Check the opening hours and locations of Global Blue and Planet & Innova at Schiphol.