Keurmerk Privacy Waarborg: Keurmerk Privacy Waarborg

Schiphol Nederland B.V. was granted permission to use the 'Keurmerk Privacy Waarborg' (Privacy Guarantee mark) in March 2017. This mark indicates that we only use your contact details for advertising when it’s appropriate – for example, for mail, email, on social media or over the phone.

Privacy Waarborg

Why is there a Privacy Guarantee?

The Privacy Guarantee is intended to assure you that Schiphol Nederland B.V. takes privacy legislation and self-regulation seriously. It complies with the extremely strict Privacy Guarantee rules in regard to the use of personal data for advertising and marketing purposes.

These rule are laid down in the Privacy Guarantee, and go beyond the legal requirements for the use of personal data pursuant to the Personal Data Protection Act and the Telecommunications Act.

What rules are contained in the Privacy Guarantee?

The Privacy Guarantee can only be used by organisations affiliated with the DDMA Branch Association. Companies are checked annually for their continued compliance with privacy laws and self-regulation. They can only continue carrying the Privacy Guarantee (Dutch only) if they pass this annual check for the processing of personal data. This is intended to assure consumers and businesses that organisations comply with the applicable privacy rules and handle personal data carefully. The Privacy Guarantee can be found on websites, privacy statements, online forms and personalised advertisements.

Independent enforcement

Any concerns or complaints can be filed free of charge at the Complaints Office at These concerns or complaints may include misuse of personal data by Schiphol Nederland B.V., unclear privacy statements or unsubscribe links not working in advertising emails, among other things. They will be addressed by the DDMA Privacy Authority, which is an independent business that assesses the protection of personal data within organisations.

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    The Privacy Guarantee is intended to assure you that we take your privacy seriously.