Frequently asked questions - FAQ biometric boarding trial

How does my participation in this trial benefit me?
How long does it take (how much time will I need) to sign myself up for the trial?
What if I change my mind about willing to participate in the trial?
Are the photos that will be taken of me available? Can I request them?
How close to departure can I still participate?
Will Schiphol share the results of the trial with the participants?
I would like to offer feedback on my experience with the process, who should I contact with my feedback?
Once I have signed up, will I have to register again the next time I fly?
I am not flying with KLM, but would still like to participate in the trial. Can I?
How will you handle my privacy?
Can I decide for myself when I will board?
Do I still need my boarding card?
What are biometric identifiers?
What happens if I am not recognised at the self-service gate?
Where should I direct my questions?