Frequently asked questions: FAQ biometric boarding trial

How does my participation in this trial benefit me?

We are offering you the chance to experience the travel process of the future, today. Moreover, you will not need to queue with the other passengers during boarding. You can take advantage of the special self-service gate that uses a scan of your face to approve you for boarding.

How long does it take (how much time will I need) to sign myself up for the trial?

Registration takes approximately 2 minutes.

What if I change my mind about willing to participate in the trial?

You can at any time remove your personal data and withdraw from participating via the registration kiosk.

Are the photos that will be taken of me available? Can I request them?

No, you cannot. You are able to view your personal information you supplied during registration except for the photograph.

How close to departure can I still participate?

You will be able to register from 90 minutes before departure until 50 minutes before departure.

Will Schiphol share the results of the trial with the participants?

No. Due to privacy concerns, we will not be saving any personal data submitted by participants including contact information. This means we will be unable to inform participants after the trial has ended.

I would like to offer feedback on my experience with the process, who should I contact with my feedback?

Please do so! You can share feedback by sending an email to

Once I have signed up, will I have to register again the next time I fly?

Should you happen to travel via this gate again on another date, you may take part in the trial a second time. But yes, because we do not store your personal information, you will then need to register again.

I am not flying with KLM, but would still like to participate in the trial. Can I?

No, unfortunately not. Schiphol is cooperating specifically with KLM to conduct this trial.

How will you handle my privacy?

  • We will process your data in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act (WBP).
  • Your data will be used only for conducting this trial.
  • Your data will be temporarily stored in a highly secured environment.
  • Your personal data will be deleted when you successfully passed through the Biometric boarding lane or, in case you did not board via the Biometric boarding lane, your data will always be deleted within 10 hours after your registration at the registration kiosk.
  • You can view the personal data we have stored for the trial.
  • You can delete your submitted personal data at any time at the registration kiosk.

Comprehensive information is available in the privacy statement.

Can I decide for myself when I will board?

You may board the aircraft when your row is announced for boarding.

Do I still need my boarding card?

You still need your boarding card for the other steps of your journey at Schiphol, for instance for the entrance to the security control area and for registration at the kiosk at the gate. Your boarding card also mentions your seat number.

What are biometric identifiers?

Biometric identifiers are the distinctive, measurable characteristics used to label and describe individuals, for instance finger prints, iris- or face recognition. Since they are unique to individuals, they are reliable in verifying identity.

What happens if I am not recognised at the self-service gate?

Because we are testing new technologies it is possible that the camera at the self-service gate does not recognize you. In that case you can board in the usual manner. You will need your boarding pass then for boarding.

Where should I direct my questions?

For questions or comments please send an email to: