New driving routes and parking areas - Driving to and from Schiphol

Schiphol is building a new pier and terminal to make it even easier to make your flight in the future. To accommodate these changes, many roads, parking areas and signs at Schiphol have been changed. However, you will still be able to easily navigate your way around.

New parking routes at Schiphol

There are new routes and places to park, drop-off, or pick someone up at Schiphol. Please pay close attention to the new signs next time you drive to Schiphol.

Driving from Amsterdam-Schiphol
Driving from The Hague-Schiphol
For pick-ups, follow the signs to ‘Parking'
For drop-offs, follow the signs to Departures

Prepare for your trip

Changes underway at Schiphol

The P2 car park will be demolished to make way for our new pier and terminal. We have created several new parking areas to ensure that Schiphol remains as accessible as possible. Next time you visit, the routes will be quite different to the way they are now.

In case you have any questions about the new configuration, we have prepared an FAQ which will answer our most commonly-asked questions.

Why is P2 closed?
I always park at P2. Where can I park after 1 October?
Why can I only park at P1 for 48 hours?
What happens if my car remains parked in P1 Short Park for more than 48 hours?
Can I still park near the terminal?
What has happened to P6 Short Stop Parking?
Am I still able to drive to Arrivals?
Has parking at Schiphol become more expensive?
What has happened to Holiday Valet Parking?
Can I park at the Excellence Parking car park?