New driving routes and parking areas: Driving to and from Schiphol

Schiphol is building a new pier and terminal to make it even easier to make your flight in the future. To accommodate these changes, many roads, parking areas and signs at Schiphol have been changed. However, you will still be able to easily navigate your way around.

New parking routes at Schiphol

There are new routes and places to park, drop-off, or pick someone up at Schiphol. Please pay close attention to the new signs next time you drive to Schiphol.

Driving from Amsterdam-Schiphol

Simply take the Schiphol exit on the A4 and A9 from Amsterdam. To reach P3 Long Parking, P6 Valet Parking or Privium 1, please keep left and take the new exit. This is the same exit you will need to reach companies and hotels along Schiphol Boulevard. For P1 Short Parking (up to 48 hours) or pick-ups and drop-offs, drive straight ahead and follow the ‘Parking’ signs.

Driving from The Hague-Schiphol

If you are coming toward Schiphol from The Hague, just take the Schiphol exit on the A4. Keep left for P1 Short-term Parking (up to 48 hours), or for pick-ups and drop-offs. For P3 Long-term Parking, P6 Valet Parking and Privium 1, please keep right and follow the signs.

For pick-ups, follow the signs to ‘Parking'

Unfortunately, you can no longer pick someone up outside Arrivals. That is because the short stop parking area and Arrivals route have been closed. However, you will still be able to park near Arrivals — simply drive along the new route to P1 Short-term Parking. From there, it’s a 3-6 minute walk to Arrivals.

For drop-offs, follow the signs to Departures

You can quickly drop departing travellers at the ‘Kiss & Ride’ area, right in front of Departures. Simply follow the road signs which read ‘Vertrek/Departures’. Please note that parking here is forbidden. If you want to spend more time together, simply park at P1 Short-term Parking. From there, it’s a 3-6 minute walk to Departures.

Prepare for your trip

Changes underway at Schiphol

The P2 car park will be demolished to make way for our new pier and terminal. We have created several new parking areas to ensure that Schiphol remains as accessible as possible. Next time you visit, the routes will be quite different to the way they are now.

In case you have any questions about the new configuration, we have prepared an FAQ which will answer our most commonly-asked questions.

Why is P2 closed?

We are building a new pier and terminal at the airport, which in future will allow you to transition from parking to your flight as quickly and as smoothly as possible. However, the available space at Schiphol is very limited. For that reason, P2 was closed to create the necessary space, but we have come up with several great alternative places to park your car.

I always park at P2. Where can I park after 1 October?

If you want to park for less than 48 hours, simply go to P1 Short Term Parking. If you want to park for longer than 48 hours, head to the new P6 Valet Parking. You will still be able to park close to the terminal. But now you simply hand over your keys and we’ll take care of the rest. When you return, your car will be ready and waiting for you. All of this costs exactly the same rate as it normally would to park at P2.

Why can I only park at P1 for 48 hours?

We would like to keep Schiphol accessible to all. Because we have fewer parking spaces at Schiphol Centrum, P1 Short Term Parking is the only place where you can park for the short term. That way, we can guarantee that there will always be a place and you can always drive in without a reservation. If you want to park longer at Schiphol Centrum, simply reserve a place at P6 Valet Parking or at Terminal Valet Parking.

What happens if my car remains parked in P1 Short Park for more than 48 hours?

If you have more than 48 hours in Privium 1, a 100-euro excess fee will be added to your parking charge per day. This may seem high, but we'd like to keep Privium 1 as accessible as possible for everyone.

Can I still park near the terminal?

Yes, because there will be no changes made to P1. However, it will no longer be possible to park at P1 for longer than 48 hours. That's why we changed the name from Terminal Parking to P1 Short Term Parking.

If you want to park for more than 48 hours and still get off the terminal, then P6 Valet Parking is a good alternative. Alternately, you could opt for Terminal Valet Parking, park in front of the door and no matter how long you leave your car.

What has happened to P6 Short Stop Parking?

The P6 Short Stop Parking area has been closed. You will need to park at P1 Short-term Parking if you want to park for a short time, pick someone up or drop them off. Simply follow the ‘Parking’ signs when you arrive at Schiphol. The first 15 minutes of free parking that used to apply at P6 Short Stop Parking has also come to an end.

Am I still able to drive to Arrivals?

Unfortunately, you can no longer drive to Arrivals because the route has been closed. If you previously parked at P6 Short Stop Parking to pick-up travellers, simply follow the ‘Parking’ signs to P1 Short-term Parking. You will need to park your car there, and make the 3-6 minute walk to Arrivals.

Has parking at Schiphol become more expensive?

Parking offers at Schiphol are based on demand, the same way as when you book a flight. Some rates are the same at all times, like those at P1, but we charge higher prices to park at other places. As pressure on the airport increases, the rates also increase. That's the only preventative measure we have from turning people away when we’re full. It’s a disturbing but realistic scenario that could arise if we were

What has happened to Holiday Valet Parking?

Holiday Valet Parking has become P6 Valet Parking. This is a great alternative for people who used to park at the terminal for more than 48 hours, but now with even more convenience. Here’s how it works: you park near the terminal, hand us your keys, and we will park your car for you. When you return, your car will be ready and waiting – all for the same price as P2.

If you used Holiday Valet Parking, the next-best option is to park at P3 Long-term parking. Otherwise, you can use Terminal Valet Parking to park next to the terminal.

Can I park at the Excellence Parking car park?

The Excellence Parking car park next to Departures 3 will remain the same as always. However, it is for exclusive use by Privium Plus members. You can only park there if you reserve in advance and hold a Privium Plus card. Nothing will change for Excellence Parking subscription holders. They can just keep parking there as normal.