Missed your flight? Here's what to do next

We're sorry that you missed your flight. You are probably wondering what to do next. We're happy to help.

What happened?

Due to a shortage of staff, long queues can form on busy days in the terminal. These queues are sometimes so long that passengers arrive at the gate too late and miss their flight. Airlines always wait as long as possible before departing, so that as many already checked-in passengers as possible can board the flight. But they can't postpone departure indefinitely. If they are unable to wait any longer, the gate is closed and the baggage belonging to the passengers not on board is taken off the plane. This is what has unfortunately happened to you.

Catch another flight today

What now? There might be a flight going to your destination later on in the day. If that's the case, get in touch with the airline operating that flight to find out if you can rebook your ticket.

Baggage already checked in?

If there aren’t any other flights to your destination today, there's no point in staying at Schiphol. Your best option is therefore to leave the airport. Are you travelling with hold baggage, and did you check it in earlier today? It depends on the airline you are flying with whether you can collect your baggage in the baggage hall or whether it will remain in the baggage basement for a next flight you may be booked on. You can inquire about the status of your checked baggage at your baggage handler’s desk at reclaim. Follow the signs to the baggage reclaim hall where your baggage handler is located:

  • Baggage Hall 1 (carousels 2 - 7): Swissport, Viggo and AviaPartner
  • Baggage Hall 2 (carousels 8 - 13): KLM
  • Baggage Hall 3 and 4 (carousels 15 - 22): KLM and all other service desks.

Want to know which baggage handler is responsible for your flight? Take a look at the information page of the airline you are flying with.

Rebook your flight

If you have already picked up your bags or if you only have hand baggage, head back home or to your hotel and rebook your flight from there. There are two ways you can do that: