Public transport strike 28 May: do not travel to Schiphol if it’s not necessary

Last update: 27 May 2019, 15:10, Amsterdam

Due to the public transport strike no buses and trains will be running in the Netherlands. We expect high congestion on the roads to and from the airport. There is very limited train traffic between Hoofddorp, Schiphol, Amsterdam Lelylaan, Amsterdam Sloterdijk and Amsterdam Central Station. This train runs four times an hour.

If you booked a departing flight from Schiphol on Tuesday 28 May, please contact your airline immediately for more information.

If your flight arrives at Schiphol Airport tomorrow (28 May), please take account for some extra time for your journey by car or taxi due to congested roads and serious traffic disruptions.


Please contact your airline to check your flight status. If you’re travelling by car, taxi or Uber, please try carpooling or share your ride. To all drivers and pick-ups: please follow the instructions by the traffic controllers and follow the indicated detours. Check live traffic information (Dutch only) before you depart.

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