Where can you smoke at Schiphol?

Any traveller wanting to smoke a cigarette before boarding the plane or have a cigar after a long journey will have to go outside to do so. Smoking is no longer permitted inside the terminal. Read this blog to find out what you can do and where you should go if you want to smoke at the airport.

Smoking areas closed

All the indoor smoking areas at the airport have been closed since 1 April 2020. This is due to a Supreme Court decision to close all smoking zones in the hospitality sector in the Netherlands. We decided to close all public smoking areas both before and after security, meaning that the entire terminal is now smoke-free. Smoking in the car parks has also no longer been permitted since 1 August 2020. This is clearly indicated at the entrances to the parking areas.

Smoking area in front of Plaza

Smoking is prohibited in the terminal. This also applies to e-cigarettes. If you want to smoke, you can go outside to Jan Dellaertplein – the forecourt of Schiphol Plaza. There, you can smoke at the designated locations. By smoking in these areas only, you are also taking the travellers who are entering and leaving Plaza into account.

Smoking during a transfer at Schiphol

If you are at Schiphol to catch a connecting flight and want to smoke, you'll also have to go to Jan Dellaertplein. You should bear in mind that this will be time consuming as you will need to go through security again. In some cases, you may also need a visa in order to enter the Netherlands. Wondering if you have enough time and/or the right travel documents? Ask a passport control or Royal Netherlands Marechaussee officer for advice.

Buying and travelling with tobacco products

While you are no longer able to smoke in the terminal, you can still buy tobacco products at the airport. If you have bought cigarettes, cigars or rolling tobacco while abroad and you are travelling to the Netherlands, check the customs website to find out how much you can bring tax-free.

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