North/South metro line being extended to Schiphol!

At Schiphol, the world is your oyster. But to be able to explore the world, you first need to find your way to the terminal. And ideally as quickly and easily as possible. By extending the North/South metro line from Amsterdam, we're increasing our accessibility and you'll be able to travel to the airport by metro in the future. Another advantage is that extra capacity will be freed up on the railway network.

How do you travel to Schiphol?

There are many different ways to travel to and from Schiphol, including by car or taxi. Just as easy (and more sustainable) is travelling by public transport or by bicycle. Whether you park your bike right outside the entrance or arrive by bus or train, you'll be in the departure hall in no time.

A good thing

In short, Schiphol already has excellent accessibility. But of course, we would like to keep it that way in the future. A good thing, then, that the government, together with the Amsterdam Transport Authority, KLM, NS, the municipalities of Amsterdam and Haarlemmermeer, the province of North Holland and Royal Schiphol Group, will jointly invest €5.4 billion in three major public transport and infrastructure projects in the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area.

Improved accessibility

One such project is the extension of the North/South metro line from Amsterdam to Schiphol. By extending metro line 52 (as the North/South line is officially called) to our airport and Hoofddorp, Schiphol will remain easily accessible in the future too. And this regional development also has a positive impact on mobility on a national and even international level.

More room for train network

Another advantage of extending the metro line to Schiphol is that more room will be created for the train network. No longer will we need local trains (stoptreinen) to Amsterdam Central Station. This will lead to more capacity in the railway tunnel, which national intercity trains and international high-speed trains can then make use of. This is important because train travel is a good alternative to flying when it comes to short distances.

More good news

And there's more good news for public transport users, because we've started work on the Multimodal Hub Schiphol project. This project will give the bus and train station an upgrade and ensure that these locations can meet today's demands. Another example of how we are continuously working to improve Schiphol's accessibility.

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