Which items and articles of clothing must be taken off?: Going through the security scan

Please take your jacket off, because it’s time for the security scan. But do you have to take your shoes off as well? And what about your belt and jewellery? Our security colleagues hear these questions quite often. Allow us to explain the details so that things will go more smoothly the next time you pass through security.

How does our security scanner work? You stand on the indicated spot in the glass capsule and the scanner rotates around you for two seconds. The scan uses millimetre waves that bounce off your skin. This technology scans for unusual objects on your person. If the scan ‘goes off’, then you will undergo an additional check performed by one of our security staff members. In case you were wondering: they do not see you naked and certainly cannot look through your body.

Cowboy buckles and platform shoes

This special scanner technology ensures that you hardly need to take anything off before undergoing the scan. This is in contrast to the walk-through metal detectors of the past, which required you to remove all metal items beforehand and place them in the bins. You may simply keep your jewellery on, and the same applies to your belt – unless you are dressed like a cowboy, since belts with large buckles must indeed be removed. Prohibited items can be hidden behind such buckles. In the same way, we also check to determine whether you may keep your shoes on. Shoes with a thick sole – such as hiking boots or platform shoes – and boots must be removed. Items can be hidden in the sole or boot, and we do not want to take that risk. All other shoes, whether sneakers or stilettos, may be kept on.

Coats off

Coats and jackets must be removed as well. When you step into the security scanner, you must stand with your arms raised. Otherwise, the scanner cannot distinguish between your arms and your torso. When you raise your arms, jackets and coats change the shape of your body. That is not very convenient, of course, because the scanner looks for unusual objects on your person. Remove your coat or jacket beforehand and place it in the bin with your hand baggage!

Security first

You may be asked to remove your belt the next time you go through the security scan, even if the belt buckle does not appear too large to you. It is always up to our security staff members to make this decision. This is always done to safeguard your security. Better safe than sorry.

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