Flying is for babies

Baby on board! Even a newborn can become a true globetrotter. In principle, you can take your baby with you on a flight after it has turned six weeks old. However, we understand that taking your little one with you might be somewhat intimidating. We’ve got you covered! Here is a checklist with everything you need to think of when taking a baby on holiday. Deciding how many rompers, nappies and bibs to take with you is the only thing you will have to do on your own.

Can I bring this?

Naturally, the first thing to consider is your hand baggage. There are certain rules you need to take into account in this regard, especially where fluids are concerned. If you are travelling with a baby (up to 18 months), you are allowed to bring baby food with you, without the usual 100 ml limit for fluids. Keep in mind that this baby food must be ready-to-eat, as you are not allowed to have more than 100 ml of boiled water (for mixing with the baby food) in your hand baggage. If we may offer one final piece of advice: put all fluids and containers with powdered milk into a single bag, to make it easy to check. That way, you will also have an easier time going through security.

Check, check, double-check

Now that you have packed your bags and arrived at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, it is time to check in! Whether or not you are allowed to take your pram with you to the gate and what specific rules apply in this regard depends on the airline you are flying with. Make sure to check this in advance. Prams usually need to be checked in as hold baggage. A special label can be obtained at the check-in desk, after which you can hand the pram in at one of our ‘odd-size baggage’ desks. If it is a folding lightweight pram, you will probably be allowed to take it with you to the gate, at which point you can still decide to check it in.

Next: Security Control

Once you have checked your bags, you will pass through Security Control. Babies are always subjected to a manual search. If you are carrying your baby in a sling, simply enter the Security Scanner together with your baby. The scanning technology is completely safe, so you and your baby can enter without any worries. If your baby is in a buggy, move it through the Security Scanner before stepping inside yourself.

Baby hotspots

Now you that you gone through all the steps, your flight can begin! If you would like to use a breast pump or change the baby's nappy, you can do so at one of the many Baby Care facilities at the airport. These are located near the toilets.

In addition, there is a well-appointed Baby Care Lounge on Holland Boulevard (between Departure Lounges 2 and 3). It offers private spaces where you can bathe, feed and even let your baby sleep in one of the special bed cabins. Meanwhile, the parents can relax in the comfortable chairs or on the sofas.

You are now all set! With these tips, you and your baby are ready to travel. Even a baby could do it.

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