Find your way quickly and easily at Schiphol

Perhaps you'll be flying for the first time since the pandemic this summer. Or maybe a busy airport makes you want to be extra well-prepared for your journey. Whatever the reason, it's nice to not have to spend too much time working out where you need to go. The tips in this blog are sure to come in handy!

Map of Schiphol

If you want to know where you need to be before even getting to the airport, take a look at the interactive map on our website or on the Schiphol app. That way, you'll be well-prepared when you arrive. On this detailed map, you can find where the check-in and transfer desks are, where you can exchange currency and where the closet toilets to your gate are located. It's also a good idea to find out in advance which departure hall, check-in desk and gate you need to go to. Just look up your flight in the app or scan your boarding pass at the airport.

The map in the application is also useful if you have already arrived at the airport. It shows you exactly where you are and what can be found nearby. You can use the search function to find the Privium Lounges, where to go for lost and found items and where to buy a cup of coffee if you have some spare time. And you don't necessarily need a phone to use the map – there are information zones with interactive displays throughout the airport.

airport assistent

Schiphol staff at the airport

This summer, you'll see extra staff around in the departure halls who can help you. They will be able to tell you which queue to join in order to check in, drop off your baggage and go through security. They can answer a whole host of other questions too; they're happy to help. You can recognise our staff by their Schiphol vests.

Information zones with Self-Service Units

After you've checked in and gone through security, you'll enter the lounges where there are various information zones with Self-Service Units (SSU). In addition to information about your flight, the SSU also has maps you can use to find your way around and it shows you exactly where you are in the airport. Moreover, you'll only see the facilities that are accessible to you from the lounge you are in. The SSU also contains a lot of other information that may be useful for your journey. If you can't find what you're looking for, you can (video) call a member of staff who can help. The information on the SSU is available in no fewer than seventeen languages.

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