A swift and smooth security check at Schiphol

Do you need to take off your watch and belt when going through security? And is it true that your laptop can stay in your bag when flying from Schiphol? The security check can be a stressful part of your journey. In this blog, find out exactly what is expected of you, so you can go through security smoothly.

Quick and easy

When travelling by plane, going through security is inevitable. It’s how we make sure that flying continues to be a safe way to travel. It is therefore very important that we carry out the checks effectively. And you can help us to ensure that it takes place as quickly and easily as possible.

Pack smart

This starts at home when you are packing your suitcase. If you are travelling with hold baggage, you’d be helping out by putting your hand baggage items in there too. The more people take onto the plane as hand baggage, the longer the security check process. So if there are things you don’t need on board, have them transported in the hold. In case you do travel with hand baggage, only take one baggage item and avoid bringing a trolley case with you if possible.

Empty pockets, full bag

So what should and shouldn’t you do when going through security? In short, it comes down to: empty your pockets, leave everything in your bag. Start emptying your pockets when you are almost at the front of the queue. The easiest option is to put your phone, wallet, passport, boarding pass and other items you are carrying in your bag.

Leave your laptop and liquids

When it’s your turn, take one or a maximum of two trays out of the security system and place your bag in there (if you are indeed travelling with a bag). Thanks to the modern CT scans we use throughout Schiphol these days, the security check is a piece of cake. You no longer have to take anything out of your bag, your laptop and liquids can stay put.

The security dress code

The next step is the scan. Here, the security officers check whether you are carrying any prohibited or dangerous items on your body or in your clothing. Don’t worry, you don’t need to go through the scan in your socks and without your belt. You can keep items such as watches, jewellery, belts and shoes on.

TIP: if want to go through the scan quickly and easily, stick to the security dress code. This means light active wear and trainers or flip-flops. High shoes, boots, footwear with thick soles and hoodies must be taken off before going into the scanner. Try to avoid wearing these things when travelling.

Ready for your flight

Everything in order? You can grab your bag and start preparing for your flight. Have a nice trip!

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