Passenger Experience Platform: The passenger experience platform at your airport

Once you’ve made the decision to start using the Passenger Experience Platform at your airport, there are a few things to get done. Here’s how we make sure the platforms help you with optimising the passenger service just like it does at other airports.

Step 1: Explore

Together we will determine the best strategy for rolling out the platform at your airport. We can consult you on what setup would work best for your airport and the goals you want to achieve. For example:

  • Using the platform in combination with our Self-Service Units
  • Using the platform in combination with your (existing or new) hardware
  • Using the platform as a standalone mobile platform

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Our user experience designers can explore & design the best approach for your airport and processes.

Using Self-Service Units

Whether you want to use our Self-Service Units or build your own, we’ll advise where to place them to ensure a smooth passenger flow.

Mobile platform for passengers

We provide recommendations and help in crafting the strategy for maximising the mobile platform adoption.

Scoping and integrations

We’ll look at the integrations that are needed to personalise passenger messages (e.g. flight information, digital map, points of interest).

Step 2: Implement

Your platform will be configured by our product team based on the scope that we have determined in the Explore phase.

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Self-Service Units

When Self-Service Units are part of the implementation, we will closely collaborate with relevant departments at your airport and the supplier of the hardware to ensure smooth shipping, installation and commissioning process.

Passenger Experience Platform training:

You will receive training and workshops on how to manage the platform from a functional, technical and content perspective to set you up for success.

Step 3: Run

The software and hardware are designed in such a way that your IT support & maintenance teams can take care of the first line support enquiries. Schiphol’s internal support team is ready to assist where needed.

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Always up to date

You receive new releases of the platform regularly, based on the experiences from all airports who use the platform. This includes product improvements and new features to continuously meet your passengers’ expectations.

Continuous improvement

We will schedule regular catch-up meetings to monitor the performance of the platform based on the data we have gathered and will keep you informed on our roadmap, share interesting learnings from other airports and facilitate knowledge sharing between airports that use the platform.

The technology explained

API first to connect to airport services

By connecting with the right information sources and airport services, the Passenger Experience Platform becomes the ideal one-stop-shop for passengers with questions during their journey through the terminal. Services we integrate with:

  • Flight Information Service
  • Digital map and point of interest data
  • Video call service

Azure hosted and secured

Our platform is hosted on Azure “West Europe”. Other hosting locations are possible if required.

By offering the Passenger Experience Platform as a SaaS solution, all airports using the platform benefit from the continuous improvements based on airport and passenger feedback. Our dedicated team is constantly maintaining, improving and expanding the platform.

Boarding pass scanner

By including a boarding pass scanner it becomes even easier for passengers to make use of their personalised itinerary, personal offers and other contextual support.

Tested and constantly improved interface

The interface of the Passenger Experience Platform has been developed at Schiphol Amsterdam Airport by piloting and testing extensively with our team of UX designers. By using Schiphol airport as a proving ground the interface has been optimised to help passengers as quickly as possible, tailor the information to their itinerary and provide the data needed to keep improving.