Sleep at Schiphol
After Security

Locations After Security:
Lounge 2 Level II, Lounge 3 Level II
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Powernap after passport control

Sometimes, a few hours of sleep is all you need to recover your energy after a flight. Whether you'd like to sleep, rest or just freshen-up with a hot shower, pay a visit to either the Mercure Hotel or YOTELAIR. They are both located after passport control and are open all day, every day. Just bring your ticket and passport on the day you land or fly to check in.

Check the Airport map for more information.

Your home away from home

You can read more about the Hotel Mercure and YOTELAIR on their websites. Both hotels have all kinds of amenities to make your stay memorable, like comfortable beds, internet access and more. Book online now and your room will be ready for you when you arrive.

Other hotels at and around Schiphol

You don’t need to be after security, to rest your head at an airport hotel. There are many more hotels located at and around Schiphol. So you can conveniently a stay near the airport.

After Security

Lounge 2 Level II (Yotel)
24/7 Now open
Lounge 3 Level II (Mercure Hotel)
24/7 Now open

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