Gluten free, lactose free and other dietary requirements: We offer what you are looking for!

At Schiphol, you can enjoy whatever food takes your fancy – from sushi to pancakes, fast burgers to fresh oysters. The choice is often more limited for those with food allergies or following a specific diet – but not here! You will find an attractive range of food and drinks everywhere within the airport that are suitable for people with food allergies or specific dietary requirements.

Per Tutti

Good to know

Do you have specific dietary requirements? Use the website's search function to see where you can go. For example, search for 'lactose-free', 'halal' or 'vegan'. The search results will show you restaurants that offer suitable products.

Gluten-free, kosher, halal and dairy free options are available on demand.
Please ask the serving staff at mentioned outlets. A booklet with the allergen information of every dish is available for guests at any store.

View the gluten-free, kosher, halal, vegetarian and dairy free options

Outlets & Restaurants Kosher meal Halal meal Gluten-free Sandwiches (pre-packed) Gluten-free meal Dairy Free Meal Vegetarian meal Vegan options Organic options
Pre-packed hot meal Pre Packed hot meal Pre-packed sandwiches (cheese, pesto and ham) Hot meal and pre-packed Hot or cold meal and pre-packed Hot or cold meal Hot or cold meal Hot or cold meal
Amsterdam Bread Co. * * * *
Bread! * * * * * *
Cafe Coco * * *
Café Comunal * * *
Döner Kebab & Pommes Frites * * *
Dutch Kitchen * * * * * * *
Fair Taste Café * * *
Grab&Fly * * *
Grand Cafe Plaza * * * * * *
Harvest Market * * * * * * *
Kebaya * * *
La Place Express * * *
La Place Restaurant * * *
Leon Foodcourt * * * * *
Leon Plaza * * * * *
Light Lounge Cafe * * * *
Mediterranean Sandwich Bar * * * * *
Moods * *
Murphy's Irish Pub * * *
Pana Bar * *
Silverscreen Bar * * *
Street Food Market * * * * * *
Urban Beans *
Urban Food Market *
VIT * * * *

Gluten-free? Don’t look further!

More and more people eat gluten-free. Out of necessity, due to an allergy or because it’s a conscious choice. To meet these needs, you will find restaurants that have gluten-free meals on the menu, both before and after security – so you never have to search for long for a suitable and tasty dish!

List of allergens

More and more people want to be aware of food ingredients due to food allergies. They have a gluten-free or lactose-free diet or must avoid other allergens. For us, it’s important that everyone can find a tasty meal that suits their nutritional needs. That’s why every restaurant at Schiphol has a list with all the allergens that can be found in their dishes. For example, if you have a nut allergy, this list will help you decide what you should or should not order. Please enjoy your meal!