The airport’s shopping centre - Welcome to Schiphol Plaza

Many people come and go through Schiphol Plaza. That includes departing and arriving travellers from all over the world, and also commuters on their way to work, study or home. Schiphol Plaza houses an extensive range of shops and restaurants. They are multi-faceted, easily accessible and with ample opening hours. At Schiphol Plaza, you will find what you are looking for!

Opening hours

The shops at the airport have very long opening hours. Most shops are open from early morning until late in the evening, giving you time to fully enjoy the shops, bars and restaurants at Schiphol.

More than just shops

Schiphol Plaza is the airport’s shopping centre. From a supermarket to an electronics shop, from fashion retailers to hairdressers, you'll find it at one of the thirty shops. But Schiphol Plaza is more than just shops. It also has over twenty bars and restaurants. Thanks to the wide range of options, you will always find the atmosphere, dish or drink that you feel like at that moment.

Everyday items
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Food and drinks
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