Bitcoin: Europe’s first Bitcoin ATM at Schiphol

Travellers through Schiphol can now use Europe’s first bitcoin cash machine to exchange remaining euros for bitcoins or ethereum. Located in Schiphol Plaza, we are the first European airport to offer this service.

Schiphol always searches for innovations that will improve traveller services, and the bitcoin cash machine is no exception. It will enable intercontinental travellers to easily exchange local euros for 'global' bitcoins or ethereum. The machine will be trialled until the end of 2018 to see if it meets traveller needs.


The bitcoin cash machine is located in Schiphol Plaza. It is situated in Arrivals 2, opposite La Place Express and the iAmsterdam Visitor Centre. It allows you to exchange euros for bitcoins or ethereum and vice versa. The coins will be deposited directly into your Bitcoin wallet and the maximum amount that you can redeem is € 100.

What are Bitcoins?

‘Bitcoin’ is a form of crypto currency. You can use bitcoins to pay or send funds to someone without having to use a third-party financial institution, like a bank. Bitcoins are kept in a digital wallet, which allows you to receive, transfer and store them from anywhere in the world.