How can you contribute to a sustainable airport? : Every bit of help is welcome

Your help is also welcome in achieving our goal of being the most sustainable airport. Keep various things in mind during your travels in order to reduce your impact on the environment.

DUURZAME TOEKOMST-Focus op mensen wat kan jij doen voor een duurzame lucthaven

Waste is easy to separate

You are undoubtedly accustomed to separating waste at home. We have special waste bins in the terminal, too. These make it easy for you to separate paper, plastic and refuse. Will you help?

Mindfully choose how you travel to Schiphol

The most environmentally-friendly way to travel is by train: Still prefer to travel by car? In that case, take an electric taxi or your own (electric) car and park it at Schiphol. This at least will save a few – or even hundreds – of kilometres as opposed to being dropped off and picked up.

You can buy sustainably sourced products at Schiphol, too

Shopping for a present for yourself or a special someone? Consider specifically looking for sustainable sourced products. You will find these for sale in various shops at Schiphol. Such as the Body Shop, or H&M and Xpress Spa.

An increasing number of sustainably produced food and drink options are available, too. Enjoy a cup of Fair Trade coffee with a delicious piece of chocolate at Café Chocolat. Starbucks, Juicy Details, Harvest Market and Leon also sell sustainably produced products. Incidentally, were you aware that beef consumption results in high CO2 emissions? You can make a difference simply by eating chicken, or a vegetarian option.

Less baggage means lower CO2 emissions

The more baggage you bring, the heavier the aircraft. Obviously, a single suitcase does not make much difference, but the total amount certainly does. Therefore, do not bring any unnecessary luggage when you travel. Less luggage makes for a lighter aircraft, which means less kerosene is required to get you to your destination. And less fuel reduces CO2 emissions. Check your airline's website to find out your baggage allowance.

Compensate the CO2 emitted during your flight

Travellers are increasingly compensating the CO2 emissions of their flights. This is a positive development. It is easy to compensate the emissions of your flight using your airline's website. Many provide more details about CO2 emission compensation, too. Or ask your travel agency how you can do this.