How can you contribute to a sustainable airport?: Every little bit helps

There are several ways to reach your destination. Although it may not be the most environmentally-friendly way to travel, flying can be the fastest and most convenient way to get to where you need to be. The tips outlined below will help you reduce the impact your journey has on the environment. When you follow these tips, you’re also helping us realise our ambition to be the world’s most environmentally-friendly airport.

DUURZAME TOEKOMST-Focus op mensen wat kan jij doen voor een duurzame lucthaven

Offset your flight’s carbon emissions

One option is to offset the carbon emissions of your flight. This means that – in exchange for the CO2 emissions your journey causes – somewhere else in the world less CO2 is produced. Sometimes CO2 is even taken out of the atmosphere. For example by planting trees or investing in sustainable energy projects. You can easily offset your carbon footprint on your airline’s website, or alternatively through your travel agency or organisations that specialise in carbon offsetting.

Less luggage equals lower emissions

The more baggage the plane has to carry, the heavier it is. One suitcase more or less may not make a big difference, but taken all together they’re pretty heavy, so you can reduce your carbon footprint by taking only the bags you really need. When a plane is lighter because it is carrying less baggage, it needs less kerosene to get you to your destination, and that means lower carbon emissions.

Make the responsible choice when deciding on your transport to Schiphol

The most environmentally-friendly way to travel is by rail. If you’re not bringing much baggage you could even come to the airport by bike! If you do decide to come by car, you have the option of hiring a Car2Go, taking an electric taxi or driving your own (electric) car and parking at Schiphol. That will save another few kilometres – or even a few hundred – compared to having a taxi drive you to the airport and pick you up again.

You can easily reach European destinations by train

Schiphol encourages travellers to take the train to travel distances shorter than 500 km instead of flying, since trains are more environmentally-friendly than air travel for such distances. There are regular trains leaving Schiphol for Antwerp, Brussels, Paris and various destinations in Germany.

Separate your litter at the airport

You’re probably used to separating your rubbish at home, but did you know that there are also separate waste bins in the terminal to dispose of paper, plastic and other rubbish? When more people separate their rubbish, more of our waste flows will be directed into recycling facilities. Will you help us achieve this goal?

Sustainable and fair trade products at Schiphol

Looking for a special gift for yourself or someone else? Have you considered shopping specifically for sustainable products? Schiphol is home to a variety of shops where you can buy these items, such as Rituals or Xpress Spa.

There are more and more responsible options in the category of food and drink, too – at Café Chocolat you can enjoy an energising cup of fair trade coffee and delicious chocolate. Fair Taste Café, Starbucks, Juicy Details, Harvest Market and Leon also sell sustainable products, often sourced locally.