Electric transport to and from Schiphol:

Have you already noticed? More and more electrically powered vehicles are in use at and around Schiphol. We wholeheartedly support this positive development. To this end, from October 2014 onwards a number of taxi companies at Schiphol are operating a fleet of more than 300 electric taxis.

DUURZAME TOEKOMST-optimale mobiliteit 1 elektisch vervoer van en naar Schiphol

The only way we can achieve a sustainable future is with help from you and other passengers and area residents; this is why we encourage the use of public transportation. In addition, we discourage picking up and dropping off passengers by car. Although getting a ride from family or friends is fun, it means four car trips!

Still, travelling by car is convenient at times, which is why a number of taxi companies at Schiphol offer a sustainable alternative. Thanks to a successful tender – which also garnered considerable publicity abroad – BIOS and BBF Schipholtaxi began operating a fleet of 167 model S Tesla vehicles in total in October 2014. As a result, Schiphol now boasts the largest fleet of electrically powered taxis of any airport in the world.