Electric transport to and from Schiphol: Largest fleet of electric taxis

Have you already noticed? More and more electrically powered vehicles are in use at and around Schiphol. We wholeheartedly support this positive development. To this end, from October 2014 onwards a number of taxi companies at Schiphol are operating a fleet of more than 700 electric taxis.

The only way we can achieve a sustainable future is with help from you and other passengers and area residents; this is why we encourage the use of public transportation. In addition, we discourage picking up and dropping off passengers by car. Although getting a ride from family or friends is fun, it means four car trips!

Still, travelling by car is convenient at times, which is why a number of taxi companies at Schiphol offer a sustainable alternative. As a result, Schiphol now boasts the largest fleet of electrically powered taxis of any airport in the world.