Measures to reduce nuisance: On our way towards less nuisance

Schiphol and Air Traffic Control the Netherlands (LVNL) are working with the support of airlines to further reduce noise nuisance. We do this by constantly working on measures that limit disturbance and improve the quality of our living environment. On the website (Dutch language only) you can see an overview of the measures that we are taking in the areas of runway use, aircraft types, and flight paths and procedures for flying during the day and at night.

Take a look at the measures

How does it work? Go to to see a map of the area and click on where you live. As you do that, you’ll see an overview of the nuisance reduction measures that are relevant to you on the left-hand side of the screen. These can include the optimisation of a flight path, a ban on noisy aircraft or approaching from a higher altitude.

From runway use to aircraft types

All of the measures have been divided into categories. Measures in the category runway use relate to how we can use the runways as efficiently as possible so that aircraft do not fly too long above a particular area. There are two categories relating to flight paths and procedures: flying during the day and flying at night. The final category is aircraft types and contains the measures in place to keep the noisiest aircraft away from Schiphol.

Dialogue with local community

We’ve asked neighbours and local directors what they think of the nuisance-reducing measures. The approximately 1,000 reactions we received from the local community resulted in 16 additional measures. In this report we give detailed responses to the suggestions from the community, and this dashboard contains all of the reactions we received to an online questionnaire.

More information

Read more about the measures to reduce nuisance on the website

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