Schiphol’s Living Environment foundation: Solutions our neighbours can live with

It’s not the nicest thing in the world to be bothered by air traffic if you live close to Schiphol. We understand that an airport is not always an ideal neighbour to have, unless you fly yourself. In order to keep the vicinity of Schiphol liveable, we support projects in the neighbourhood through the Stichting Leefomgeving Schiphol (in English: Living Environment Foundation), known as the SLS, which makes living and working a bit easier and more pleasant. You can read how the foundation can help you on this page.

Repairs of roof damage

Aircraft disturbs the airflow when they drop or rise. This can cause turbulence or even a small whirlwind. This turbulence can sometimes cause damage to roofs. If this has happened with your roof, you can immediately report this damage to us by calling us on 020-601 2555 (Schiphol Regiecentrum, choose option 1). We will send a technician as soon as possible to repair the damage, and all costs are covered by the SLS.

Help with unliveable situations

We find it to be regrettable if you live close to Schiphol but experience so much disruption caused by air traffic – especially if that situation renders you ineligible for legal compensation. In these types of extraordinary cases, the SLS may be able to do something for you. Please send SLS an application in which you describe the unviable situation in as much detail as possible. The SLS assesses whether you are eligible for help. If that is the case, the foundation will work with you to find a suitable solution.

Contributing to a liveable neighbourhood

The SLS doesn’t only help individual victims of noise in order to stimulate quality of life in Schiphol’s vicinity. We are happy to contribute to local projects that make living and living near the airport more attractive. For example, you can approach the foundation as a hamlet or municipality when you want to build a park or playground, or if you want to redevelop a piece of land into a meeting place, recreation area or green.

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