Parking: Pick-up and drop-off

We kindly ask you to remain in your car in the car park and wait for any travellers you may be picking up, or to say goodbye to each other when you are parked. Don't enter the arrival or departure halls. We understand it isn’t the nicest thing to do, but it means that we can ensure that everyone who is inside Schiphol needs to actually be there. Of course, we do understand if you are joining a travel group in Schiphol and there is no other option – for instance, if they need assistance. Please ensure that you maintain a 1.5-metre distance from other travellers as much as possible and wear your face mask.

Meet others in the parking lot

To pick someone up or drop someone off, simply park your car in P1 Parking. There is no need to make a reservation. From there, it’s a 3-6 minute walk to Departures.

You can also drop someone off at the Kiss & Ride area just in front of the Departure halls. Simply follow the signs to Departures. Check the signs of your airline to make sure you are at the right Departure Hall – but please note that parking is prohibited here and you must be quick.