Ready steady go!

Why wait at the gate?

We know what it’s like – you packed your suitcase days early, are well-prepared and almost past security. With just a few steps standing between you and a well-deserved break, you want to hot-tail it to the gate. But – why wait? If you have enough time, there’s a lot to do before you leave. So slip into holiday mode early and explore Schiphol!

Schiphol's must-sees

Holidays begin at Schiphol. With the most stylish fashion boutiques and delicious eateries, you can wander around for hours … and why not!

  • Perfumes & Cosmetics

    A great scent turns heads

  • LEON

    The good munch bunch

  • The Fashion Gallery

    The designer's domain

If you left something at home … don't worry!

It's not always possible to remember everything – so we're well stocked with all products and deals you need to be on your way without any residual stress! Have you already checked-off these items from your summer list?

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