The Dutch touch: Dutch delicacies and souvenirs

A taste of Holland

The Netherlands has been known for its cheese since the Middle Ages. At Schiphol, you’ll find virtually every type of Dutch cheese fresh from the market – from the hard and rich Gouda, the slightly nutty Edam, to the cumin-spiced Leidse. But there’s much more to Holland than cheese. It’s also known for syrup waffles (‘stroopwafels’), coffee and caramel candy (‘Haagse Hopjes’) and apple pie (‘appeltaart’).

Classic Dutch souvenirs

If you forgot to pick-up a souvenir for a loved one back home, look no further than Schiphol. You’ll find a massive range of Dutch gifts in all shapes and sizes – from Delft blue china to real wooden clogs, windmill key rings and orange fridge magnets.

Move over for Miffy

In the Netherlands, there’s no rabbit more famous than Miffy (known locally as ‘Nijntje’). The adventures of this cute little white rabbit are chronicled in books, tv shows and even a film or two. She was created by the Dutch author and illustrator Dick Bruna in the 1950’s. In the time since, Miffy’s fame has spread far and wide – she’s become an international icon from Amsterdam to Tokyo.

Say it with flowers

Tulips are icons of the Netherlands. Every year, billons of them spring open and adorn the fields, as well as give colour to countless homes and offices around the world. If you fancy taking home a piece of ‘Dutch Glory’ for your backyard or balcony, buy some tulip bulbs at Schiphol (and remember to check any import restrictions for your destination country).