Tax-free shopping

It makes no difference where you are flying - you can always shop for a nice gift or something exclusive for yourself at Schiphol. To shop after security you only need your boarding card.

Tax-free shopping within the EU

The government amended regulations in 1999, abolishing actual tax-free shopping for travellers within the EU. Tax-free shopping was, and still is, possible when travelling outside the EU. To avoid making prices destination-dependent, the airport’s retailers agreed to charge the same prices for EU and non-EU destinations. For the VAT which you pay on your purchases when you travel to a destination in the EU the retailers provide a compensation in the retail price. This way it remains possible to keep prices equal for all destinations and all passengers departing from Schiphol can enjoy attractive shopping opportunities.

Your advantage

In addition to the equal prices for all passengers, the shops at Schiphol also have special offers on their entire range of products. These special offers are selected specially from the assortment at the shopping centre every two months. At Schiphol you find the top brands, but also speciality stores with unique alcoholic beverages and delicacies all under one roof.


Two different price levels do apply to tobacco products: for destinations within the EU (same as the local price) and destinations outside the EU (tax-free, so cheaper). The reason for this is that the EU does not allow discounts on tobacco products. There are a few more categories of articles which are not subject to the usual rules, including books, magazines, flowers and flower bulbs. VAT is charged on these products, even if you are travelling to a destination outside the EU.