Regular taxis: Get organised in no time

For the ultimate in convenience, you can order your own private taxi. Simply get comfortable and let the driver take you to your destination.


Taxis from Schiphol

The registered taxi companies at Schiphol can take you practically anywhere within the Netherlands. Just follow the signs above and on the floor toward the terminal to reach the offical taxi stands in front of Schiphol Plaza. From there, you can catch a metered taxi, so you’ll never pay more than you have to. The drivers accept credit cards, cannot refuse carriage, and will issue a printed receipt.

Attention: please avoid all unsolicited rides from taxi touts.

Taxis to Schiphol

Get yourself to Schiphol quickly and easily. Of course, you can call a local taxi company who will collect you from your point of origin. Sometimes you can get better rates when you reserve in advance, and some offer special ‘Schiphol’ rates. There is plenty of room in front of Departures to alight your taxi, get your baggage and head to the check-in desks.