Passport issues

You will need to carry a valid passport anytime you travel through Schiphol. Please check that your passport is not due to expire soon. If you do notice an issue with your papers, act quickly to avoid problems while travelling.

Check with your home authorities

Citizens of the Netherlands can apply for a Dutch passport at their local Town Hall. If your passport has been misplaced, has expired or will expire soon, you will need to make arrangements for a new passport several weeks in advance of your planned travel dates.

Citizens of foreign countries will need to report to their respective country's consultate or embassy in the Netherlands. Your consultate or embassy may be able to assist with emergency travel documents; for instance, if your passport was lost or stolen.

Stolen passport

Passports are important documents. If yours was lost or stolen while at Schiphol, this may result in a security breach. Please visit the Royal Dutch Marechaussee as soon as possible. Either visit the office in Schiphol Plaza next to the train ticket area, or talk to an on-duty officer.

Complaints or compliments

If you have any complaints or compliments about police conduct at Schiphol, please visit The English language option is at the bottom of the page. From there, click on ‘contact’ to complete an online form. Remember to include as many details as possible, including where you were, what time it happened and a name or physical description of the officer concerned.

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